What We do

Social map with community members

Partners in Development

  • Project design, procurement and contract management

  • Supervision of works

  • Identifying and providing human resource solutions

Improve Organizational Effectiveness

  • Strategic reviews

  • Designing monitoring systems

  • Improving and reporting on accountability and inclusion

  • Contingency planning and business continuity planning

Effective Diagnosis

  • Conduct social researches

  • Support building evidence to inform practice and action

Facilitate Learning

  • Appraisals and evaluation of projects/programmes

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Social and environmental assessments and audits

  • Learning workshops

Capacity Development

  • Identifying capacity building and learning needs

  • Map capacities

  • Design and conduct virtual and physical training

  • Support development of training content and portals

  • Management of training portals

Branding and Promotion

  • Drive positive and sustainable change through branding

  • promotion of good practices

  • Social media marketing for causes and products

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